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My Uber experience

6 Jan

Many of you may have heard of Uber. They are a driver on demand service accessible by a smartphone app and go by the tagline “Everyone’s personal driver”. It seems to be quite a popular service in many cities around the world.


I first heard about Uber some months ago when there was this protest by taxi drivers against the service. I never really went to check out what it was about until recently. That was because I got a code from a friend and one day I thought “Why don’t I try this Uber out and see how it goes?”

So I downloaded the app. It took me a few minutes to figure it out. Haha. I see the choices of Uber X, which is the more affordable option and Uber Black, with slightly higher end cars in my vicinity, but didn’t know how to request a ride. Anyway, after some fiddling, I finally connected with my driver, Jay, who was driving a Honda Insight hybrid.

It had been drizzling and he was considerate enough to go into the carpark of my condo to pick us up. According to him, there was only one Honda Insight and one Almera in the Uber X fleet. Most of them are Myvis. So far only KL and JB offers the service as they don’t have enough drivers yet due to the strict requirements.

I enquired further and he said first of all, the driver must possess a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license. The car must also be insured for passengers. Apparently, they do background checks as well and of course there’s the drivers’ ratings which they must maintain. He shared that some female students who take the bus from Johor and arrive late at night use the service as they felt it was safer.

So far, he enjoys being a driver as he gets to meet people of different nationalities and backgrounds, but says it can also be challenging if some riders have high expectations and gives him an earful and low rating for taking a wrong turn.

It wasn’t long before we reached our destination. The fare was calculated and charged straight to my account. Since I was using a code, the ride was free. He also gave me a rating as a rider and I returned the favour. The transaction was cashless and within the quoted range so there are no unpleasant surprises. Overall, I did enjoy my Uber ride and will be using it again in the future.

If you have not tried it and would like to give it a shot, use the code ubercreditRM30 for RM30 credit towards your first ride. Enjoy!