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Brighten Up with Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Cleansers

23 Oct

Neutrogena has been around for decades and is familiar to most people. I remember seeing advertisements for their Liquid Neutrogena cleanser while flipping through magazines when I was much younger. I do still have a bottle in my bathroom.

So it came as a pleasant surprise when I received a box from Wonderbox about three weeks ago.


Pretty purple ribbon. Wonder what it contains?


Ta da! Neutrogena Deep Clean Mulberry Ultra Foam Cleanser and…


Neutrogena Deep Clean Mulberry Foaming Scrub. The foaming cleanser claims to clean deep into pores removing 99% of oil, dirt and impurities. The scrub has gentle exfoliating beads to remove dead skin cells and is safe to be used daily. Both contain mulberry extract which brighten skin naturally.

I put it to the test right away.


The cleanser comes in a self-foaming dispenser which dispenses just the right amount of soft, fluffy foam. I use one pump for my face and, I’m not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me that first time I used it, but I noticed my skin visibly brighter after the cleanse. Subsequent uses did not have the same dramatic effect but I’ll get to that in a while. It also makes my skin feel quite clean but not tight.


The scrub contains the little white beads and some larger red beads (Could this be the mulberry extract?). It was gentle enough that I don’t feel like I’m rubbing sand on my face so that’s a good thing. Oh, did I mention both products have this lovely fragrance? That’s the first thing you’d notice when you dispense the product.

What I do is, I use the foam in the morning and the scrub in the evening when I feel that I need a more thorough cleansing. I’ve been using them for three weeks now and must say I quite like them. Overall, I do think it has somewhat brightened up my face, although like I mentioned earlier, it’s not apparent after just a few washes.

So do check out Neutrogena’s latest range at their Facebook page. They also have a Revitalising version of both the foaming cleanser and scrub formulated with pink grapefruit.

The foaming cleanser (175ml) retails at RM31.90 while the scrub (100g) retails at RM21.90 and are widely available.

These products were sent for review by Wonderbox Malaysia. This does not affect the opinion of the writer.


Lilac Box 4 has got you covered head to toe

17 Sep

Hi ladies! I’ve been missing for awhile as I attended a life-changing conference where young people of like mind came together to reflect on how they can use their best years in service to others. I learnt a lot about the importance of youth and our role in ensuring the future generation are able to navigate the forces of society.

Anyway, once I arrived back home I found a package waiting for me. Yup, the Lilac Box 4 has arrived.


It came in the same black box as the Decleor Concept Box, tied up with a shimmery silver Jimmy Choo ribbon.


The goodies!


L’Oréal Professionnel Mademoiselle Infinium hairspray (100ml). This hairspray got an update on its packaging by celebrity hairstylist Charlie le Mindu sometime middle of last year. I rarely use hairspray so I’m not sure when I’ll be trying this out yet.


L’Oréal Professionnel Liss Ultime shampoo (100ml) and hair mask (75ml).  I know, I know. It’s been doing its rounds in beauty boxes, but believe it or not, this is the first time I’m getting it! I have somehow not managed to get the other boxes they appeared in. It’s a good product. I like it enough to pick it for my first customised Vanity Trove.


Sothys Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream (15ml) and Hydra-nourishing Mask (15ml). I’ve seen Sothys salons around but never tried them, so this one I’m excited to try!


Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange hand therapy (25g). Another favourite, which I also picked for my customised Modbox.


OPI nail lacquer in the shade Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! from their Germany collection (15ml). This is a dark grey with a tinge of green. I was really happy we got OPI, although I can’t say I’m excited about the colour I got. It’s not something I would wear, really. If only I got Just Spotted the Lizard or Into the Night (which happened to by my chosen shade for my post-wedding manicure) or any of those two-toned metallics (Metallics! Blues! ♥) . Ok moving on…


Perfume vials of Jimmy Choo (2ml) and Flash (2ml). I like Flash. I get the white florals and strawberry, and maybe a bit of spice. Jimmy Choo is also quite pleasant. It’s more fruity, and sweet.

So there you have it. Here’s the rough value:

1) L’Oréal Professionnel Mademoiselle Infinium hairspray (RM40/300ml) | RM13.30/100ml

2) L’Oréal Professionnel Liss Ultime shampoo (RM50/250ml) | RM20/100ml

3) L’Oréal Professionnel Liss Ultime hair mask (RM67/200ml) | RM25/75ml

4) Sothys Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream (RM370/50ml) | RM111/15ml

5) Sothys Hydradvance Hydra-nourishing Mask (RM272/50ml) | RM81.60/15ml

6) Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange hand therapy (25g) | RM35

7) OPI nail lacquer (full size) | RM63

8) Perfume vials of Jimmy Choo (2ml) and Flash (2ml)

This brings the total value of the box to more than RM348.90! For only RM49.90, that’s almost 7x the price you pay. If you’re interested to get your hands on their next box, go here for updates.

Modbox Relaunched!

15 Aug

I’ve heard of Modbox months back and was quite tempted to jump in but never really did. Then when I decided to try them out, they announced that they were taking a break to revamp the company. Boy was I excited when they finally relaunched in August! At an even lower price of RM9 at that!

This time, the concept was a little different. We get to actually choose the items we want to try out. It was not easy choosing because they all looked good but here’s what I got:


The small but functional box. I like it!


The personalised welcome note. I appreciate it when people get my name right 🙂


First up, Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Hand Therapy (25g). A good size, delicate scent, and I like how it feels on the skin. This came together with:


A Tarocco Orange body lotion sample and a Somerset Meadow EDT sample vial. Somerset Meadow smells really green and fresh, something different.


Next, I got the Unico Advanced UV Defense SPF50/PA+++ (7g)

SPF indicates protection against UVB rays which are responsible for sunburns while PA indicates protection against UVA rays which penetrate deep into the skin and is responsible for premature ageing. + shows the least amount of protection and +++ shows the most so this product has got some really good protection! This one comes with a 20% off voucher for the full-sized item.


Last but not least, Murad Eye Lift Illuminator (0.44ml)

This one claims to depuff and firm skin in 15 minutes as well as cover and treat the delicate under-eye skin. I have dark circles so I’m excited to see how this works for me.

So the value of my first Modbox:

1) Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Hand Therapy, RM35/25g

2) Unico Advanced UV Defense SPF50/PA+++, RM198/30ml |RM46/7g

3) Murad Eye Lift Illuminator, RM165/1.8ml |RM40/0.44ml

Excluding the voucher and Crabtree samples, this box comes up to RM121! Not bad for the RM15 (RM9 + RM6 for shipping) I paid.

If you like what you see, hop on over to their website or their Facebook page for updates.

Cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise with Avène

25 Jun

I was browsing through my blog when I noticed I missed out on this post which was supposed to be after my first Avène post. Oh well, better late than never.

So I’ve been using the said products for about four months now, and will be penning my thoughts on them.


First up, Avène Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser. This range I’m using is for oily, blemish-prone skin. And usually, these products tend to dry the skin a bit, which this cleanser does for me as I have combination skin. But that’s where the Thermal Spring Water comes in. A spritz or two refreshes the skin and lessens tightness. The scent smells “clean”, although sometimes it gets a bit strong for my sensitive nostrils.


Next, Cleanance Lotion-Toner. This one is all right. I felt that it left a thin film after I applied it. Maybe it’s just me.


Cleanance K Cream-gel. This product claims to reduce blemishes and control oil secretion. It contains Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Salicylic Acid to exfoliate the skin as well as Thermal Spring Water to soothe and soften the skin. I applied this on spots and it does reduce the redness and swelling. A little goes a long way for this product and I quite like it.


Cleanance Emulsion-Lotion. This goes well with the Cream-gel mentioned above. I like that it doesn’t make the skin feel greasy but doesn’t dry it out either.

As a whole, I think my experience with the Avène skincare routine has been quite pleasant. I especially like the Thermal Spring Water, Micellar lotion and the Cleanance K.

Have you tried Avène products? Which is your favourite?

Wonderbox May Edition – A Pleasant Surprise

19 Jun

When I actually got to open my May Wonderbox, I was a bit worried because of some subscribers who were not happy with theirs. I needn’t have to worry because I like almost everything in there!


Product information card and a RM50 discount voucher at Senze Studio


This was the first thing I saw when I opened the box. I let out an audible “Oo..”. Neutrogena Hydro Boost night concentrate sleeping pack (full size 50g). I heard some good things about this so am looking forward to trying it.


The next thing I saw, where I let out an audible “Oh!”. Bio-essence Radiant Youth Essence with ATP (full size 20ml). I was very happy to see this because I really like it. The gel absorbs into the skin leaving it powdery soft.


Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel (8ml + 5g sachet) and Green Tea Ultimate Sun Shield SPF56 PA++ (3g). Marvel Gel has been around for a long time, and not surprisingly because it works. If you don’t like exfoliating with rough beads or harsh chemicals, then this might just suit you.


Le Scenteur Whitening Hand & Body Lotion (70g) and Sensation EDT sample. “Enriched with Olive Oil and Licorice extract, helps to restore skin’s natural moisture balance and lighten skin”. I’m not crazy about whitening products because I don’t believe fair equals beautiful. However, moisture is important so I suppose it can go in the travel bag.


The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter (48g). This creamy body butter has a hint of Satsuma so it’s not overpoweringly citrusy, although I don’t mind citrusy. Good size to bring around.

And that’s it! So here’s the summary:

1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost night concentrate sleeping pack, 50g – RM58.60

2. Bio-essence Radiant Youth Essence with ATP, 20ml – RM45.90

3. Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel, 8+5ml (RM38/60ml) – RM8.20

4. Le Scenteur Whitening Hand & Body Lotion, 70g (RM11/250ml) – RM3.10

5. The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter, 48g – RM20

So that brings the total value to RM135.80. If you think that’s good value after paying only RM39.90 for the box, go here to discover your own beauty secrets at home.

The Lilac Box 2

5 Apr

Hi y’all! How nice it is to keep receiving packages in the mail. My Lilac Box 2 arrived a few days after I received my March Wonderbox so it was just delightful.


Their usual brown cardboard box (which I really like) and lilac ribbon (I prefer this one over the previous polka-dotted one). My first impression: This feels quite heavy.


Green crepe paper tied with brown straw. And something smells lovely.


A welcome note from the 3 guys at Lilac Box


The main reason for the weight: Redken Intra Force Shampoo and Toner (145ml each)

I’ve used Redken products before and they’re not bad although I have stopped because there are so many others to try! This allows me to sample their other products. My shampoo bottle was slightly open with some product dribbling out, but it was mostly safe. Some girls weren’t so lucky.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Nuxe Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Makeup Removing Gel (15ml), Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil (10ml)

I’ve never heard of Nuxe before this, but apparently their dry oil has quite a following. I realised that part of the scent comes from the dry oil. 98.1% of it consists of natural ingredients with 30% plant oils and Vitamin E. You can use it for your face, body and hair. I gave it a little go and found that it does absorb quickly into the skin without feeling oily.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation (0.6g), Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base (2g)

This powder foundation claims to provide the radiant finish that liquid and cream foundations have been able to provide, but powder foundations have not. It “combines beautifully with your skin in that it becomes a part of your skin rather than just being applied to the surface, and coats your skin to produce the appearance of no pores or roughness”. Sounds good, and it comes with a little sponge applicator.

The makeup base is formulated to be used together with the powder foundation, smoothing out bumps and pores and allowing the foundation to adhere to the skin better.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

The main cause of the scent: Calvin Klein Beauty EDP and Sheer Beauty EDT (1.2ml each)

CK Beauty is described as “the ultimate feminity of a luminous and modern floral” while Sheer Beauty is “transparent sensuality captured in a fresh fruity floral”. In the picture above, you only see Beauty. That’s because my Sheer Beauty broke, which is such a pity because I really like the smell. I like light, fresh scents and this one fits the bill.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

And the customary family portrait!

So those are the 8 products in this edition of the Lilac Box.

1) Redken Intra Force Shampoo (RM60/290ml) | RM30/145ml

2) Redken Intra Force Toner (RM65/245ml) | RM38.50/145ml

3) Nuxe Reve de Miel Face Cleansing and Makeup Removing Gel (RM68/200ml) | RM5.10/15ml

4) Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil (RM148/100ml) | RM14.80/10ml

5) Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation (RM148/10.5g) Case and refill sold separately | RM8.50/0.6g

6) Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base (RM118/30g) | RM7.90/2g

7) Calvin Klein BeautyEDP 1.2ml (RM361/100ml) | RM4.30/1.2ml

8) Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT (RM325/100ml) | RM3.90/1.2ml

This gives you a total value of RM113 for RM49.90. If you’re interested to subscribe to the next box when they open for orders, check their website or Facebook page for updates.

Wonderbox – March edition

5 Apr

I’m always excited to receive my beauty boxes, so I was like ‘Yay!’ when my March Wonderbox arrived.


Pretty grey ribbon! This would be the skincare version.


As usual, product card and voucher. This month’s RM30 Murad voucher is the same as last month’s. Not shown here is the 50% off voucher for Dr. Fuchs Regeneration Maximum Energy Serum. Now let’s look at the goodies one by one.


Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture (7.5ml) from their Age-Reform range

It claims to be Murad’s most opulent moisturiser and locks in moisture for 8 hours. Looking forward to try this.


Murad Oil-free Sunscreen SPF 30 (10ml)

We all know how important sunscreen is and I admit, I’ve not been very diligent in using it. Mostly because of how sticky it makes my skin feel. Let’s see if this one agrees with my skin.


Murad Active Radiance Serum (3.7ml)

According to the product info card, this serum “delivers 50 times the collagen-building, skin-brightening and cell-protecting power of ordinary topical Vitamin C”. Sounds power-packed. Not cheap too at RM398/30ml. No wonder it came in such a small vial.


Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Conditioning Hand Creme (30ml)

Yay! I like manuka honey so I’m glad I got this. Smells quite pleasant too.


Dr. Fuchs Secrets Midnight Secret Emergency Augen pads (2 pads)

These pads are said to regenerate, revitalise and detox skin for short nights, making you look like you got 8 hours of sleep.


Ok everybody, say ‘cheese’!

Overall, I’m quite happy with the products. I prefer skincare to makeup anyway, plus I like Murad because I think their products are high quality and high value. The hand creme also looks promising.

Now for the dollar value of the box:

1) Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture (RM298/50ml) | RM45/7.5ml

2) Murad Oil-free Sunscreen SPF 30 (RM170/50ml) | RM34/10ml

3) Murad Active Radiance Serum (RM398/30ml) | RM49/3.7ml

4) Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Conditioning Hand Creme (RM69/85ml) | RM24/30ml The price was not provided on the card, but a cursory search online put the price at roughly RM45/85ml.

5) Dr. Fuchs Secrets Midnight Secret Emergency Augen pads (RM240/8 pads) | RM60/2 pads

That makes this box worth about RM212!

That wraps up this post. As usual, hop on over to Wonderbox if you think they give good value and are thinking of giving them a try.