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My Uber experience

6 Jan

Many of you may have heard of Uber. They are a driver on demand service accessible by a smartphone app and go by the tagline “Everyone’s personal driver”. It seems to be quite a popular service in many cities around the world.


I first heard about Uber some months ago when there was this protest by taxi drivers against the service. I never really went to check out what it was about until recently. That was because I got a code from a friend and one day I thought “Why don’t I try this Uber out and see how it goes?”

So I downloaded the app. It took me a few minutes to figure it out. Haha. I see the choices of Uber X, which is the more affordable option and Uber Black, with slightly higher end cars in my vicinity, but didn’t know how to request a ride. Anyway, after some fiddling, I finally connected with my driver, Jay, who was driving a Honda Insight hybrid.

It had been drizzling and he was considerate enough to go into the carpark of my condo to pick us up. According to him, there was only one Honda Insight and one Almera in the Uber X fleet. Most of them are Myvis. So far only KL and JB offers the service as they don’t have enough drivers yet due to the strict requirements.

I enquired further and he said first of all, the driver must possess a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license. The car must also be insured for passengers. Apparently, they do background checks as well and of course there’s the drivers’ ratings which they must maintain. He shared that some female students who take the bus from Johor and arrive late at night use the service as they felt it was safer.

So far, he enjoys being a driver as he gets to meet people of different nationalities and backgrounds, but says it can also be challenging if some riders have high expectations and gives him an earful and low rating for taking a wrong turn.

It wasn’t long before we reached our destination. The fare was calculated and charged straight to my account. Since I was using a code, the ride was free. He also gave me a rating as a rider and I returned the favour. The transaction was cashless and within the quoted range so there are no unpleasant surprises. Overall, I did enjoy my Uber ride and will be using it again in the future.

If you have not tried it and would like to give it a shot, use the code ubercreditRM30 for RM30 credit towards your first ride. Enjoy!


Brighten Up with Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Cleansers

23 Oct

Neutrogena has been around for decades and is familiar to most people. I remember seeing advertisements for their Liquid Neutrogena cleanser while flipping through magazines when I was much younger. I do still have a bottle in my bathroom.

So it came as a pleasant surprise when I received a box from Wonderbox about three weeks ago.


Pretty purple ribbon. Wonder what it contains?


Ta da! Neutrogena Deep Clean Mulberry Ultra Foam Cleanser and…


Neutrogena Deep Clean Mulberry Foaming Scrub. The foaming cleanser claims to clean deep into pores removing 99% of oil, dirt and impurities. The scrub has gentle exfoliating beads to remove dead skin cells and is safe to be used daily. Both contain mulberry extract which brighten skin naturally.

I put it to the test right away.


The cleanser comes in a self-foaming dispenser which dispenses just the right amount of soft, fluffy foam. I use one pump for my face and, I’m not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me that first time I used it, but I noticed my skin visibly brighter after the cleanse. Subsequent uses did not have the same dramatic effect but I’ll get to that in a while. It also makes my skin feel quite clean but not tight.


The scrub contains the little white beads and some larger red beads (Could this be the mulberry extract?). It was gentle enough that I don’t feel like I’m rubbing sand on my face so that’s a good thing. Oh, did I mention both products have this lovely fragrance? That’s the first thing you’d notice when you dispense the product.

What I do is, I use the foam in the morning and the scrub in the evening when I feel that I need a more thorough cleansing. I’ve been using them for three weeks now and must say I quite like them. Overall, I do think it has somewhat brightened up my face, although like I mentioned earlier, it’s not apparent after just a few washes.

So do check out Neutrogena’s latest range at their Facebook page. They also have a Revitalising version of both the foaming cleanser and scrub formulated with pink grapefruit.

The foaming cleanser (175ml) retails at RM31.90 while the scrub (100g) retails at RM21.90 and are widely available.

These products were sent for review by Wonderbox Malaysia. This does not affect the opinion of the writer.

February Wonderbox – CNY Edition

4 Mar

Hi ladies, I had been eagerly waiting for my February Wonderbox to arrive ever since I subscribed, but even more so once I received my Lilac Box. Anyway, when it finally did I got straight to unboxing it.


The February box came with a yellow/gold ribbon.


We are first greeted by a thank you card itemising the goodies in the box and another card about their Wonderpoints system to earn more points so we can redeem free boxes! They are also working towards enabling the redemption of beauty and cosmetic products with Wonderpoints soon.


The goodies! The box is decorated with brown paper strips making it look like a nest and pink cherry blossoms.


First up, the vouchers. 20% off Jacqueline Burchell products and RM30 gift voucher for Murad products purchased online.


Murad’s T-Zone Pore Refining Gel and Energizing Pomegranate Moisturiser. I haven’t tried Murad’s products before so am very excited to try these.


H2O+ Marine Toner and Face Oasis Dual-action Exfoliating Cleanser


Last but not least, Jacqueline Burchell nail lacquer. I was hoping to get their Emerald Green collection but these were nice too. From left are White Dwarf (gunmetal grey), Cosmic Rays (metallic blue-green) and Radio Galaxy (shimmery purple).

Let’s take a look at the value, shall we?

1. Murad Vitalic T-Zone Pore Refining Gel (3.7ml) – RM228/50ml so it’s about RM16.80

2. Murad Energizing Pomegranate Moisturiser (30ml) – RM180/50ml so RM108

3. H2O+ Marine Toner (30ml) – RM99/200ml so it’s about RM14.85

4. H2O+ Oasis Dual-action Exfoliating Cleanser (30ml) – RM99/120ml so it’s RM24.75

5. Jacqueline Burchell (5ml) – SGD9/RM22 each ~ RM66

So all in all it’s a total value of RM230.40 (excluding vouchers) for RM39.90 you pay for the box. If this gets you excited to give them a try, sign up here and get your surprise next month.

Did you subscribe to this month’s box? Which was your favourite item?

Avène – How about some Thermal Spring Water for your skin?

7 Feb

I’ve always noticed the Avène section in stores and would stop by to look around but never bought. Until now, that is. My skin is prone to breakouts so I got the Cleanance travel size set to try. Their Cleanance range is specially formulated for oily, blemish-prone skin.

But first, a bit about Avène. Avène began as a Hydrotherapy Centre in Southern France back in 1743 when the water at the Saint Odile spring was discovered to have medicinal properties. According to the Avène website, “Very low mineralised, rich in silica and trace elements, the Avène Thermal Spring Water has been clinically proven to be naturally soothing, anti-irritating and anti-free radical.” All their products are based on this water.

This is the 150ml bottle. The size is just right for me. It also comes in 300ml and a smaller 50ml if you want to carry it in your bag.

Avene thermal spring water

Since this spray is meant to soothe the skin, you can pretty much use it any time of the day, even on top of makeup or sunblock. Just spray a fine mist, wait for a few minutes for the protective film to form, then pat dry. I usually just let it get absorbed into the skin.

I’ve just started using it, but I like it so far. The mist is fine and refreshing, it softens my skin and calms redness or itchiness if I have them.

The other thing I would like to talk about in this post is the Avène Micellar Lotion. It’s a cleanser and makeup remover. I have it in a 50ml bottle. It seems to do the job although I haven’t tried it with eye makeup yet. It’s very gentle and has minimal ingredients which makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

Avene Micellar Lotion

In my next post, I’ll talk about the Avène Cleanance Gel, Cleanance Lotion-Toner, Cleanance K Creme-gel and the Cleanance Emulsion-Lotion.

Thanks for stopping by and see you in the next post!

MUA Undressed palette!

1 Feb

Hi dearies! Hope you had a great week and looking forward to the Chinese New Year next week. Today, I’m going to share some thoughts on MUA’s coveted Undressed palette.

When I first got my palette last December, I was really excited as it has some really nice shades. The overall colour is slightly cooler than the Heaven and Earth palette and although I quite like warm colours, I find myself using this palette more. Let’s look at the colours, shall we?

MUA Undressed Palette front MUA Undressed Palette back

MUA eyeshadows don’t really have names. Here they are referred to as “Shade 1”, “Shade 2” etc. Same slim plastic case with double-ended sponge-tip applicator.

MUA Undressed Palette


MUA Undressed Palette swatch

In this palette, there are two matte shades, Shade 3 and 5 which can be good contour shades. I must say MUA’s strength is their shimmers. As you can see, these two colours hardly show up at all. Other than these two, the rest are lovely and buttery soft. I love Shades 1, 2, 6, 8 and 9! What are your favourite colours?

As mentioned in my previous post, I have two of these palettes available, brand new and authentic. Drop me a line if you’re interested 😉

Till the next post!

Yay! MUA Heaven and Earth palette

31 Jan

I’ve heard so much about MUA so I finally ordered a few items: Heaven and Earth palette, Undressed palette, primer, eXtreme Volume mascara and the F2 stippling brush. Oh, I also have a few Nail Quakes. In this post, I’ll be talking about the Heaven and Earth palette so let’s get to it.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette MUA Heaven and Earth palette

Sorry for the picture quality. I have to learn how to do this better.

There are 12 colours in this palette, all of them with a satin or shimmer finish. It comes with a double-ended sponge-tip applicator and see-through lid. This is really helpful if you don’t remember which colours are in which palettes.

I did do a swatch, although there may be many clearer ones you’ll find on other reviews.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette swatch

Generally, they are very soft and easy to work with. I like neutral colours so this is my cup of tea. Most of them are well-pigmented and some more so than others. The 5th colour on top and 3rd one at the bottom are the most pigmented in my opinion. Colours 1 and 4 on top and 2, 4, 6 at the bottom have the least colour payoff but it’s buildable so no worries. Oh, another thing I like about them is the staying power. Not only do they go on easily, they stay there for quite some time even though I’m in hot and humid Malaysia. Coupled with a good eye primer and you’re set!

MUA is not available in Malaysia yet but you can order them from http://www.muastore.co.uk International shipping is £7.50. I have two of these palettes, two Undressed palettes, one F2 stippling brush and 4 Nail Quakes extra because after I bought them a dear friend got them for my birthday! How sweet. Pm me if you’re interested in any of these.

So, have you tried the MUA Heaven and Earth palette? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments!