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Georgetown City Hotel, Penang

4 Feb

Hi all,

I just came back from Penang to visit my very elderly grandaunt and great grandaunt. We put up in Georgetown City Hotel for two nights, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts on it.

When we first arrived, we didn’t know where to park. We circled the hotel twice before we found an obscure sign to the right of the hotel pointing toward the underground parking. Then we proceeded to check ourselves in which was done quite promptly.

We were given a room on the 27th floor (Yay!) out of 29 floors. A first look at the room:

Georgetown City Hotel bed

The first thing I noticed was the bright orange bolster on the bed. I mean, how many hotels provide bolsters, right? That said, you can see the mattress may need to be changed. It was sinking a bit in the middle.

Georgetown City Hotel room

Nice big windows let lots of sunlight in.

Georgetown City Hotel view

Beautiful sunset view with rolling hills.

Georgetown City Hotel room 2

Standard amenities of TV, coffee making facilities, mini bar, complimentary water and safe.

Georgetown City Hotel bathroom

This hotel subscribes to the Go Green philosophy by letting us opt to reuse towels and bed linen. Even the conventional shampoo and conditioner are replaced with a 3-in-1 dispenser of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel you can see in the top right corner. I don’t mind this at all seeing that hotels throw away all bottles when they clean the room. Such wastage.

Georgetown City Hotel sink

They have a soapdish by the sink! I remember many hotels which provide soap but you have nowhere to put the wet soap except on the sink which makes it messy.

Georgetown City Hotel is part of the 1-Stop Midlands Park complex. They have quite a number of levels of small shops. We wanted to get some photos printed and framed and there was a shop there to do that. For food though, it’s probably better to eat elsewhere if you know where to go. Gurney Drive is just a short walk away.

Gurney Drive

Dinner at Gurney Drive. Clockwise from top left: Assam laksa, O chien (fried oyster) and fried stuff. Assam laksa got eaten before I could take the pic, haha.

There’s also a coffee shop nearby by the name of New Cathay where we had breakfast. Food was good! And the Apom outside is very popular.

Kopitiam New Cathay Penang

Here’s the yummy jawa mee and char koay teow we had. I didn’t get to take pics of the apom but they were good.

All in all, even though it’s not exactly top of the line, it was quite a pleasant stay. Location wise, it’s very convenient as you’re within walking distance to food and shopping places.  For more information on rates, go to Georgetown City Hotel’s website. Thanks for stopping by!