My Vanity Trove

23 Sep

Hello! How was your week? Hope everyone got a good break from the long weekend.

Ok, so I’m not a particularly adventurous person. Once I find something works, I tend to stick with it. So it has taken me this long to try Vanity Trove. Most of you would have heard of Vanity Trove, a beauty box service which started in Singapore and came to our shores early this year. Their boxes began with the surprise element where subscribers don’t know what is featured in their boxes until they received them. Vanity Trove has since revamped their model to one where we get to choose the samples we want to try. There are pros for both of course. If it’s a surprise, you get to try items you may not have heard of before or even thought you wouldn’t like, but might. This may be useful for people (like me) who don’t usually grab the next new thing to try. On the other hand, picking samples you’re interested in gives a higher chance of you enjoying the item since you would have already done some research on it. Well then, let’s see what I got.


I’ve been eyeing the pretty drawer box even though I’ve not subscribed before this.




Discount voucher and information brochures from Skin Lab and Decleor


Tilley goat’s milk soap. This is the first time I’m trying this. Have only recently heard about it and the good reviews. Apparently it’s very moisturising and gentle.


Pure South fresh goat’s milk body lotion (50ml). Both Tilley and Pure South are carried by TSN Skin Lab, which specialises in natural and organic personal and beauty care products. I personally like green products and it reflects in some of the items chosen for this box.


Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil (5ml). Virgin coconut oil blended with essential oils. What a yummy, refreshing scent! It quickly absorbs into the skin without any oily feeling. Not to mention it’s virgin coconut oil (VCO) which has a long list of benefits. I’m already using VCO for my hair as well as having it with toast (yummy and aromatic) and encourage you to look it up!


L’Oréal Professionnel Liss Ultime shampoo (100ml) and hair mask (75ml). A good product that leaves my hair nice and smooth. I mentioned this in this post.


Decleor Hydra Floral ‘flower nectar’ moisturising cream (15ml). Since I like Decleor so much, I grabbed this while I could. I love the smell, it’s mostly botanically derived and very light.

So that’s my trove. Depending on your membership plan, you might be able to pick up to 8 samples with up to 15% bonus credits.


Head on over to Vanity Trove Malaysia or their Facebook page for more details.


2 Responses to “My Vanity Trove”

  1. cherishchee October 26, 2013 at 2:46 am #

    What do you do with all the products from the many beauty boxes since you get so many?

    • serenification November 6, 2013 at 4:57 pm #

      I sort of order them in the sequence I would like to try them. Haha. For those I feel are unsuitable for me, I give them away to family and friends who would appreciate them.

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