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Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

5 Mar

I’m at the age where many of my friends are married or getting married. Having been recently married myself, I often have conversations with these couples about their wedding plans.

One of the questions I ask them is what is their vision of their wedding. Interestingly, most of these young people want small, simple, intimate weddings, focused on the spiritual nature of the event. More often than not, their parents expect a big event with lots of guests, because they want to invite so many people they know. And with so many people, the cost is bound to go up. And it stresses the couple out. So where do we draw the line between who gets to decide?

From outside the family, people say “It’s your wedding, you should be happy”. And really, they have only one wedding to make their own. However, understandably, our parents are happy too and want to share their joy with their friends. But do we need to spend so much to please others? This is possibly another erroneous assumption we make. We assume that if we don’t serve the guests certain food, or provide a classy enough venue or this and that they would not be happy. Which begs the question, whose wedding is it anyway?

When we remember that marriage is a spiritual institution, the coming together of two souls, and that the purpose of the wedding is to celebrate the marriage, all these things become secondary. Most important is that everyone is there because they are happy for you. Of course the wedding can still be lovely, with personal touches or expressions of creativity, but they serve to enhance the marriage itself.

To come to a common vision and work toward a common purpose, all relevant parties should come together to consult thoughtfully on the common good. Now this is easier for some families than others, but if we want to build a new culture it has to start somewhere.

So a few of my above-mentioned friends have gotten married while others are still in the planning stage, and most of them have had to give in to expectations and demands in some way or other but nevertheless making the most of it. One thing they tell me is that they pray when it comes to their children’s marriages, they will have the presence of mind to openly consult and offer their loving support.


February Wonderbox – CNY Edition

4 Mar

Hi ladies, I had been eagerly waiting for my February Wonderbox to arrive ever since I subscribed, but even more so once I received my Lilac Box. Anyway, when it finally did I got straight to unboxing it.


The February box came with a yellow/gold ribbon.


We are first greeted by a thank you card itemising the goodies in the box and another card about their Wonderpoints system to earn more points so we can redeem free boxes! They are also working towards enabling the redemption of beauty and cosmetic products with Wonderpoints soon.


The goodies! The box is decorated with brown paper strips making it look like a nest and pink cherry blossoms.


First up, the vouchers. 20% off Jacqueline Burchell products and RM30 gift voucher for Murad products purchased online.


Murad’s T-Zone Pore Refining Gel and Energizing Pomegranate Moisturiser. I haven’t tried Murad’s products before so am very excited to try these.


H2O+ Marine Toner and Face Oasis Dual-action Exfoliating Cleanser


Last but not least, Jacqueline Burchell nail lacquer. I was hoping to get their Emerald Green collection but these were nice too. From left are White Dwarf (gunmetal grey), Cosmic Rays (metallic blue-green) and Radio Galaxy (shimmery purple).

Let’s take a look at the value, shall we?

1. Murad Vitalic T-Zone Pore Refining Gel (3.7ml) – RM228/50ml so it’s about RM16.80

2. Murad Energizing Pomegranate Moisturiser (30ml) – RM180/50ml so RM108

3. H2O+ Marine Toner (30ml) – RM99/200ml so it’s about RM14.85

4. H2O+ Oasis Dual-action Exfoliating Cleanser (30ml) – RM99/120ml so it’s RM24.75

5. Jacqueline Burchell (5ml) – SGD9/RM22 each ~ RM66

So all in all it’s a total value of RM230.40 (excluding vouchers) for RM39.90 you pay for the box. If this gets you excited to give them a try, sign up here and get your surprise next month.

Did you subscribe to this month’s box? Which was your favourite item?