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Yay! MUA Heaven and Earth palette

31 Jan

I’ve heard so much about MUA so I finally ordered a few items: Heaven and Earth palette, Undressed palette, primer, eXtreme Volume mascara and the F2 stippling brush. Oh, I also have a few Nail Quakes. In this post, I’ll be talking about the Heaven and Earth palette so let’s get to it.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette MUA Heaven and Earth palette

Sorry for the picture quality. I have to learn how to do this better.

There are 12 colours in this palette, all of them with a satin or shimmer finish. It comes with a double-ended sponge-tip applicator and see-through lid. This is really helpful if you don’t remember which colours are in which palettes.

I did do a swatch, although there may be many clearer ones you’ll find on other reviews.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette swatch

Generally, they are very soft and easy to work with. I like neutral colours so this is my cup of tea. Most of them are well-pigmented and some more so than others. The 5th colour on top and 3rd one at the bottom are the most pigmented in my opinion. Colours 1 and 4 on top and 2, 4, 6 at the bottom have the least colour payoff but it’s buildable so no worries. Oh, another thing I like about them is the staying power. Not only do they go on easily, they stay there for quite some time even though I’m in hot and humid Malaysia. Coupled with a good eye primer and you’re set!

MUA is not available in Malaysia yet but you can order them from International shipping is £7.50. I have two of these palettes, two Undressed palettes, one F2 stippling brush and 4 Nail Quakes extra because after I bought them a dear friend got them for my birthday! How sweet. Pm me if you’re interested in any of these.

So, have you tried the MUA Heaven and Earth palette? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments!